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  Preamble & Mission

As one of the most educated and affluent ethnic groups in America, Iranian-Americans have been contributing to American society academically, economically, socially, scientifically and in other ways for decades. We believe that it is important for our community to also contribute to American society politically. Furthermore, we acknowledge the reality that the interests of our community may never be guaranteed without active participation in American democracy and the development of a political influence that matches our overall contribution to American society.

The Republican Party's record after WWII has not demonstrated strong support for constitutionally guaranteed rights and civil liberties in America and their platform has failed to address the interests of Iranian-Americans, as well as many others. We believe that the Democratic Party, though not perfect, is home to those devoted to social justice, inclusion and a nation that works for all Americans.

BAIAD is a grassroots political organization that stands for protecting the rights and interests of Iranian-Americans by empowering the Iranian-American political voice. BAIAD seeks to promote progressive values such as social justice, responsibility and fairness through education, political participation, public and political advocacy, and grassroots activism.